An international organization

The first Greek letter organization was Phi Beta Kappa, founded Dec. 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Sixty three years later, Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University in Ohio. In protest against the president of the university, members of Beta Theta Pi and other students blocked the entrances of the main educational and administrative building in what became known as the Great Snow Rebellion.

A year later, after the president expelled most of the students involved in the uprising, Phi Delta Theta was formed. Six men staying in a dormitory the day after Christmas formed the Greek-letter society. Robert Morrison, a senior, proposed to fellow classmate John McMillan Wilson they bond together to form a secret society. They invited juniors Robert Thompson Drake and John Wolfe Lindley; sophomores Ardivan Walker Rodgers and Andrew Watts Rogers into the fold. The first meeting was held in Wilson's room at Old North Hall, now called Elliot Hall.

During the early meetings, the founders wrote The Bond of Phi Delta Theta, which is the fundamental law of the Fraternity. It has remained unchanged ever since. The Founders also designed the badge, consisting of a shield, eye and scroll with the Greek letters on it. Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi were the first three fraternities founded at Miami University, so they are known as the Miami Triad. The first branch of Phi Delta Theta was founded at Indiana University in 1849. The Indiana Chapter has the longest continuous existence of any in the Fraternity.

Phi Delta Theta is known as an international fraternity. The first Phi Delta Theta chapter in Canada was installed at McGill University April 5, 1902. Phi Delta Theta now boasts 12 Canadian chapters, more than any other fraternity.

Brothers involved with the International workings of Phi Delta Theta
Two Phi’s from North Dakota Alpha have been Province Presidents for Phi Delta Theta.  William H. Greenleaf in 1971, BN 95 for Alpha Province, and Ted Maragos in 1955 BN 637 for Lambda Province.

One Phi from North Dakota Alpha was elected to the General Council of Phi Delta Theta  Ted Maragos  BN 637 .  Serving first as Member at Large then as the Treasurer for the General Council.

Two Phi’s from North Dakota Alpha have been Field Secretaries later call Chapter Consultants for Phi Delta Theta.  Ted Maragos  BN 637 and Tim Shea BN 1084.

One Phi from North Dakota Alpha  Jack McDonald  BN 779 served as the Editor of the Scroll,  the news magazine of Phi Delta Theta and as Alumni Director.