The Original Castle on the Coulee

by Tim Shea 1084

The first alumni news letter of North Dakota Alpha was the Booster Pamphlet printed in 1918.  The earliest know edition of Phi Reminder is from 1921.  

At the end of the winter semester, in 1919, just one day before examinations, the faculty of UND decided to close the University and omit exams in an endeavor to prevent the further spread of influenza.

In the recall convention of 1921, Brother O'Connor nominated Brother Nestos for governor.  Interesting note is that Nestos was a Republican and O'Connor was a Democrat.

In 1926, the Mother's Club was formed.

Around 1928 a fire occurred in the old house, damaging the kitchen and the dinning room.

The Barn Dance goes back at least to 1929.

In the fall of 1942 the University was closed for two weeks to help the farmers bring in their crops, every Phi volunteered for service on either a threshing, potato picking, or potato warehouse crew.

In 1943 the Army Air Force rented the house to use as a hospital.   It was remodeled into a complete army hospital, with a full medical staff consisting of one medical officer, four nurses, two medical sergeants, a cook and a maid, The Dakota Student March 19, 1943.  Most of the members were enlisted in the armed services.

In June 1945 the North Dakota Alpha Chapter paid off the last of its debt on the "Castle on the Coulee" house.  It is now completely debt free.