It is the spirit of true brotherhood that touches the depths of a man’s inner life and wards off sorrows and disappointments, opens the way for the highest services, and furnishes the inspiration for right living.
— John Wolfe Lindley



Greek Community

It's been often said that the friends you make in college are some of the best friends you will have throughout your lifetime. Being a part of the Greek community really opens the door to developing those friendships. A huge component of friendship is the social interaction among the different members of the Greek community. Social events at ND Alpha take on many shapes. They can range from simple, one on one events with a sorority, to events with multiple chapters at a ballroom or other venue.



To the men of the North Dakota Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, brotherhood is not a word taken lightly. To these men, it is something that is shown every day of the week. It is walking into the Phi Delt house and knowing that no matter who you see inside will in fact be your brother. He will be there for you come hell or high water, and he knows that you will for him as well. It is a right we all earned upon colonization, and it will only strengthen after our installation. This brotherhood we have forged in the Great White North does not cease after graduation, rather it continues without end.